Project developed in partnership with Virgilio de Barros. It proposes a dialogue between two intrinsically connected realities: the reality experienced on a global scale since the emergence of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the current situation of the São Sebastião das Águas Claras district, better known as Macacos , which lives, since 2018, under constant threat of the rupture of the mining company Vale's B3 and B4 dams and the panic caused by the so-called invisible mud.


The search started in 2019 when we photographed the city Macacos with a Canon demi ee17 camera, a half frame, which divides the frame, creating a wall between the two images. This was in dialogue with the wall built in Macacos by Vale to contain the mud. In 2020 we continued this aesthetic of walls, also related to social isolation by COVID 19.

This work was awarded by the UFMG DAC / PRAE culture promotion grant, resulting in the creation of a Journal.