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​ÓRIS, 2019/20

There are, in different cultures, stories and myths about the presence of strange beings, from unknown origins, unidentifiable, described troughout their tracks, shapes or the light they emanate. In certain cultures there are reports of the existence of children of these beings, fruit of the encounter of the human being with the "unknown".
From these stories, the artists created "Óris", which is or could be a place, a being, a folk or a word of some unknown language. Óris is the unknown itself, both in the origin of the name and in what it presents: the imaginary of the other. In Óris there is a conflict between what can be identified as 'real' - half human, half heavenly bodies - and at the same time what is already part of a common and popular imagination of the strange, the 'unreal' - a spaceship, a bright, illuminated body and a landscape from a time and space that much different the the ones we are used to.
The boundaries between reality and fiction blur when images representing the unknown can be familiar to us. It is not known exactly where the Oris Mountains are, on which planet or terrestrial parallel they are. However, what draws our attention in Óris is the question that we are aware of human reports of unknown beings, but what if we humans were the "other", the "stranger" on a planet where other beings live?

Credits for the images given to the project:

Photos 8 and 14: Loïc Ronse

Photo 11: Malte Hafner 

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