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PAISAGENS MÓVEIS (Moving Landscapes) is a female art duo, composed by the artists Bárbara Lissa and Maria Vaz, both with a trajectory in Letters and Visual Arts, currently taking a Master's degree in Arts at UFMG/EBA. The duo deals with the relationship between individual and collective memory, its gaps, erasures and poetic fictions, within the family and collective universe; urban and natural space. 


They develop their work through photography and audiovisual, through experimentation between image and word, analogue and digital, and appropriation of archival images. In 2019, they were finalists at the Foto em Pauta award photobook's publication with the work "Óris". In 2021 they published their first photobook "Três Momentos de um Rio" and were selected by the Pierre Verger Award in Salvador, Brazil. In 2021, they became members of the Mulheres Luz platform and were selected as editorial interns on the ARCHIVO platform, Portugal-London.


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