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Developed during the quarantine period of social isolation due to the pandemic of COVID 19. Based on this process of suspended activities and slowdown of production, we reflected on the amount of interesting proposals created and sent for exhibition and artistic residences that were never developed because we didn't have these projects accepted by the institutions.

Based on this reflection and the willingness to execute several proposals, we, Bárbara Lissa and Maria Vaz, set out to take a path from our homes in Belo Horizonte, MG,  to one of these artistic residency institutions, located in Vale da Mutuca, MG.


Taking this route through the google street view, we recorded the trajectory and photographed with a NIKON analog camera and a Tmax 3200 film, the scenes and landscapes that called our attention registering the monitor screen, exploring the angles and time / spatial changes of the google street view. The film was then developed and digitized at home, due to the closing of the trade during the social isolation, linking the virtual images to the processes and materiality of the analog. Interfaces and noises, faces blurred by google, an aesthetic mixture that confuses the times and makes it difficult to understand how and when the images were made.

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